The Launch of Young Adults

Leverage your offer to garner a better award.

Financial Aid: Negotiating Awards

Don’t settle for less! Three strategies for appealing your financial aid award If you’re like most parents, you think you deserve a pat on the back (or a stiff drink!) for completing the FAFSA and...

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For High School Juniors, The College Application Process Pretty Much Starts Now.

For Rising Seniors, The College Application Process Pretty Much Starts Now. Are You Ready? We know you are busy. We know you have classes, and tests, and sports, and concerts and clubs and a social...

Stop, slow, go? Who Knows.

College Decisions: It Doesn't Stop There

What does a college senior know about college selection? More now than I ever did when I was selecting. It’s hard to imagine I am nearing the end of my time at undergraduate university. Because I...

Counting Change for College Finances.

What FAFSA Changes Mean for Your Family

Big Changes are Coming to FAFSA. The Bottom Line: Federal Aid for college costs accounts for $120 Billion of grants used to pay tuition to colleges and universities. That money was put to use by...


FAFSA: Should You Complete it?

Parents of high school seniors across the country know that the first day they can complete this year’s FAFSA is October 1. Despite the upcoming changes to the Free Application for Federal Student...

Dropping Out is Not Fun

How to Avoid Becoming a College Dropout Statistic

Getting kids into college is easy. Getting them into the right college so that they stay there, thrive, and graduate is hard. Really F-ing hard. Let’s start with a sobering statistic. 2.6 million...

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