Change Your Club’s Mentality

That’s our promise. Ask any professional sports GM whether they’d rather draft an A+ athlete that lacked confidence, resilience, and mental health or an A- athlete whose mental makeup carries those traits in spades. Their answer is the latter – every single time. Give your club an edge.


How It Works

Your coaches and athletes will receive a club-branded learning management system with dozens of world-class video modules curated by Collin Henderson, Real Frequency’s Director of Mental Performance.

Easy to navigate and accessible on all device types, these snack-sized – (read: teenager’s attention span-friendly) – lessons build confidence and resilience and establish frameworks for goal visualization and growth mindset.

Your club parents and your stat sheet will be thrilled you did.

Why It Matters

With five former Division 1 athletes on the Real Frequency team, we understand the dividends a healthy mind pays on the field. 

But this company was born from a love of kids and unbreakable dedication to improving their lives away from sport, too.


70% of athletes quit youth sports by the age of 13

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1 out of every 3 teens have persistent anxiety


31% of youth athletes wish their parents were not watching their games


85% of college athletic trainers say performance anxiety regularly impacts their student-athletes

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • NickOsello

    Real Frequency has a great deal to offer young athletes of all ages. If you’re looking to improve yourself in ways that will impact your performance in the game of LIFE, you really should talk to this team.

    Nick Osello

  • NgoziMusa

    “Mental training was the difference maker in helping me win the Ivy League Sprint Championship. If you aren’t training your mind with Master Your Mindset, you’re missing out!”

    Ngozi Musa

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