Organizational Trajectory Should Lead to Maximizing Employee Engagement + Job Satisfaction

The Real Frequency Process

It's a simple concept, but navigating the trajectory is not at all simple. That's why we are here.

We walk our clients through our process for establishing better organization-to-employee alignment (what things are done, how they are done, why they are done).

Once better alignment is realized, organizations will see higher levels of team and individual engagement. From here, employees feel greater levels of job satisfaction and as we all know, that matters...a lot.

Our Process:

  • Engagement Assessment (Gap Analysis)
  • Introduction to Strengths & Purpose
  • Why Strengths & Purpose Matter
  • Strengths & Purpose Discovery
  • How to Harness Strengths & Purpose
  • How to Drive Greater Alignment
  • Improving Team Dynamics
  • Training for Managers & Teams
  • Follow-up Assessments - Prove Impact

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