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Velocity: A Case Study of an Almost College Graduate

Written By: Hanna Rasmussen | March 27, 2023

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A Case Study: Amanda’s Journey through Real Frequency’s Velocity Program - Building the Foundation for a Confident Transition from College to Career

During the Fall semester of her senior year as an undergraduate student, Amanda felt the bittersweet emotions related to the eagerness to take on the world ahead and the doubt that creeps in when wondering what is next. 

Obviously there can be a great deal of stress of securing the “right” job after graduation. And unfortunately, many of today’s soon-to-be college graduates need more help in navigating the path to their first real career step.

This stress, as Amanda knows now can begin to radiate into other parts of life and make each day weigh with added pressure. She was stagnating with fear and stress. She did not really know what to do outside of trying to leverage the existing resources at her university.


Enter: Velocity by Real Frequency.  


Amanda found out about Real Frequency through her Aunt. She started her path with this “Launch Agency” by first meeting with Evan Moore, its founder. According to Amanda, the first thing Evan said to her was, “I’m proud of you for starting this journey.” He wrapped up the call with, “This relationship doesn’t end when you build your confidence and find a job. We will be with you for a long time.” 


Velocity is Real Frequency’s program to provide Young Adults with access to experts who help them build and execute early life plans. 


The steps of Velocity that Amanda experienced have been put into practice for years with over 2000 Real Frequency clients. Step one was that Amanda take her Gallup Strengths and WhyOS Assessments. By taking these assessments and zeroing in on her Strengths and Why, Amanda was able to establish a strong, objective, foundation that can only be achieved with greater self understanding.

After completing her assessments, and then reading and reflecting on her results, Amanda then met with Chad, a Real Frequency Launch Agent. Chad worked with Amanda to help her write her Strengths and Purpose-Driven Narrative. This narrative gave her a firm and clear understanding of what she brings to potential employers.

From there, Amanda met with Jeff.  Jeff used his extensive expertise and leadership skills to help Amanda use her Narrative to build her LinkedIn profile, revamp her resume, learn networking strategies and skills, and hone her interview skills.  

One key concept that Jeff and Amanda discussed at length is the importance of understanding that “fit” or “alignment” with a future employers is a two-way street. That is, the organization should be as interested in finding alignment with its future employees as they are in finding alignment with it. Here are some key stats that drive home that point:

Organizations that are able to establish strong alignment with their employees realize:

  • 13% Greater Profitability
  • 17% Higher Productivity
  • 10% Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • 12 times less attrition across their workforce

So, as Amanda learned, one of her primary goals when speaking to potential employers is to convey that she aligns well with the organization, the role they have in mind for her, and their overall mission, vision and corporate values.

Throughout her Velocity journey, which is not over, Amanda has achieved a new level of confidence which has been integral to her personal AND professional growth. In her words, she is more comfortable with herself and has more faith in what she brings to the world. As of this writing, Amanda continues her Velocity journey, knowing she is not alone, but part of the Real Frequency family from which she enjoys continued support.  

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